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About the Trainer

Amy Barge, Owner and Trainer


I have always loved animals, especially dogs.


A few years ago, I started volunteering at The Humane Society of Missouri walking dogs. I love being around all of these dogs and enjoy working with them, but still hate to see them in a shelter instead of a forever home.  Many of the dogs in shelters have been surrendered due to behavioral problems.  Most of the time, the problems are due to a lack of training and can be solved with just a little work and patience.  I became a dog trainer to teach people to work with their pets so the dogs stay in their homes forever and do not end up in shelters.


I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a graduate of Animal Behavior College's dog training program.  After I graduated, I  worked for a facility doing group training classes. Though I enjoyed teaching group classes, I decided to teach private classes so I can give more personalized attention to the dogs and their people and tailor programs specifically for each pet.


I  have experience with dogs of various breeds and temperaments and happily work with dogs of all ages. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!