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   Happy Pups Dog Training LLC

Services and Rates 


Initial Consultation

Phone consultation  - free

In-home consultation - $70


Puppy Preparedness Class - $70

A one hour class to help you with your puppy, whether you already have a new puppy or if you are planning to get one soon. We'll cover some of the most common issues people face when they bring home a puppy, such as:

-House Training

-Crate Training





Basic Obedience - $70/hour

Your dog will learn basic manners that will help create a more peaceful household when you are at home and help your dog behave when you take him out in the world.




-Come When Called

-Loose Leash Walking

-Drop It

-Leave It


Problem Solving - $70/hour

Having issues with your dog? We'll create a treatment plan to work on behavior issues such as:

-Jumping on people


​-Counter Surfing

-Separation Anxiety


-House Training